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Excavating, Debris Removal, and Lot Clearing 

Efficient Debris Removal

  • Haul Out Concrete

  • Haul Brush

  • Haul Garbage

  • Clean-Up after a Natural Disaster

Parking Lot Cleaning

  • Sand

  • Rocks

  • Litter

Erosion Control

  • Straw Matting

  • Silt Fencing

  • Straw Blowing

tree removal
Greenstone wall dirt before

Watch our excavating video!

Keep Your Lawn or Business Clean With Our Incredible Services.  715-250-2761

Excavating and Debris Removal

Keep your commercial or residential property free of debris and looking its best with the help of Whispering Pines Landscape & Lawn Care.

Keep your PARKING LOT clean

When you have gravel, sand, or garbage littering your parking lot, let us clean it for you. Be sure to take advantage of our snow removal, lawn maintenance, and landscaping services as well. Give your business a spotless look with a thorough parking lot sweeping!

pond installation
home excavating
small dump truck
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